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Inclusion and Admissions Policy

AISL Inclusion Policy

The American International School of Lusaka promotes an ethos of inclusion (an intrinsic component of the IB programs). We recognize, that all learners benefit from a safe and supportive environment, that understanding and supporting each child’s academic, social and personal growth is imperative to their success, and we are committed to accept, support, include, and celebrate diversity in our community.

Student success at AISL encompasses not only academic excellence, but also personal, social and emotional growth. A culture of collaboration and mutual respect between students, parents and educators is essential to ensure that each student is able to experience growth in all areas of their development. 



AISL supports the philosophy of inclusion and serves the educational needs of a diverse community of learners in Lusaka from a range of cultural and educational backgrounds. Admission is open to students who demonstrate the ability to access and benefit from a challenging, international, English language education in a mainstream environment. AISL is equipped to provide support for a managed number of students, representing a range of learning challenges, and English language learners based on the school’s enrollment and resources. AISL does not discriminate on the basis of religion, ethnic or national origin, or gender. 

AISL admits students with Special Educational Needs who are able to access and benefit from the educational program in a mainstream environment. To ensure optimum student-teacher ratios and service to a high standard, enrollment in Learning Support shall not normally exceed 15% of the enrolment at any grade level. AISL is equipped to provide moderate support for a managed number of students normally not exceeding 5% of the total school enrollment and not more than four moderate students per grade level.

In order for the school to ascertain whether AISL can provide the best educational opportunities for an individual student with Special Educational Needs, it is important that, upon application, parents supply the Admissions Manager with as much information as possible. This must include Special Educational Needs reports, Psycho-social and Educational assessment reports, and/or medical information. The decision to offer a place at AISL is made by the school’s Admissions Committee and is based upon this information together with admissions tests results. 



Admissions Criteria

  1. If spaces are limited in a particular grade, applicants who have met all admission requirements shall be admitted according to the following priorities:
  2.  *Children of employees, grantees or direct hires of the United States Government receiving an educational allowance who are applying for spaces in Pre-School through Grade 12. The U.S. Embassy’s Management Officer will resolve questions regarding official status.
  3. Children of AISL Faculty.
  4. Children who are siblings of children who are already enrolled in the School
  5. Children who are siblings who are enrolling concurrently.
  6. All other children.

*Children of employees, grantees or contractors of the United States Government who are applying for spaces in the Early Learning Center (Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten) must apply by 1 April of the previous year in order to secure a space. For children of US Government employees who apply after 1 April, places will be allocated as they come available.

Students will only be admitted to the School if they intend to attend for a minimum of one semester.

Class sizes

Pre School
Pre School classes are staffed by a teacher and 2 assistants. There are two classes in this grade, with a maximum of 16 student per class.

Pre Kindergarten
Pre Kindergarten classes are staffed with a teacher and an assistant.  There are two classes in this grade, with a maximum of 17 students per class.

Primary School
The class size for Primary School (K to Grade 5) is 18 students per class, but may be increased to 20 at the discretion of the Director.  There are two classes per grade with a teacher and assistant in each class up to Grade 4.  For Grade 5 there is a teacher per class and a shared assistant.

Secondary School
The maximum class size for the Secondary School (Grades 6 – 10) is 20 students per class, but may increase to 22 at the discretion of the Director.

Grades 11 and 12
The maximum number of students in a Grade 11 and 12 class is 18 and the minimum number is 3.  However, once a class has been offered, it will continue until the graduation of the students, regardless of the minimum number.

Waiting Pool

When a grade level is full, a student applying to the school is placed in the waiting pool and will be offered a space once one comes available, according to the admissions criteria outlined above.  When there are more candidates in one category than spaces, admissions will be based on a first come first served basis.

Once a space comes available, tuition fees must be paid from the date the space comes available, even if the student will not be starting at the school until later in the school year.  For students applying for the beginning of a new school year, a 25% of tuition fees must be paid by 1 June to reserve the place for August.

Whilst the school will endeavor to maintain contact with families in the waiting pool, it is important for applicants to maintain regular contact with the Admissions Manager, to inform us that you are still interested in a space for your child.  Failure to do so may result in the child’s name being removed from the waiting pool.

If a place is offered to a student and the family decides not to take the place at that time but wish to remain in the waiting pool, the student will be placed at the bottom of the list of students in their admission category.

Length of Admission

Students will only be admitted to the school if they intend to attend for a minimum of one semester.

Late Admissions

Students in the Early Learning Centre will only be admitted up until the first day after the Spring holiday.

Students in Kindergarten up to Grade 12 cannot be admitted within 30 school days of the completion of the school year. Students wishing to join the school in Grade 11 after 1 October will be accepted on a case by case basis, at the discretion of the IB Diploma coordinator, due to graduation requirements.

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