The Arts

The Arts are an essential part of the AISL experience. Throughout our academic and extracurricular programs, we specifically nurture our students' innate creative drive, inspiring them to explore the inviting world of artistic expression.  Through music, the visual arts, drama, and other mediums, students produce art that reinforces learning, introduces beauty and meaning into their world, and brings our community together. 

Classroom Creativity

Visual Arts
The Visual Arts engage students in creative processes through which they explore and experiment in a continual cycle of action and reflection. From an early age, students have the opportunity to develop genuine interests, to become reflective and self-critical, and to reflect on the work of their peers. Exposure to and experience with arts opens doors to questions about life and learning. At AISL we believe the process of making and appreciating arts is gratifying and will encourage students to continue creating throughout their lives.

Music at AISL explores thinking, expressing and creating music using voice and some instruments including keyboard, recorder, percussion, guitar and the xylophone. Students focus to develop critical listening skills, knowledge and understanding of music theory, and an understanding of cultural contexts of different types of music in order to become well- rounded musicians.  One unifying element of every Performing Arts class at AISL is the idea of “ensemble” because every activity we do ultimately ties back into students’ ability to successfully work with groups, while developing individual talents and encouraging the development of skills in their peers.   Students are also provided with multiple performance opportunities to a variety of audiences.

Drama/Theatre Arts
Ensemble is the concept that drives all student work K-12. Students work collaboratively, learning about their craft, but more importantly learning about their own strengths and their ever-changing role inside the group.

Arts and the Community

Theater Productions
AISL students have plenty of opportunity to sing, dance, and act their way into the hearts of an audience. Directed by our Drama and Music teachers, students at all levels have the chance to participate in a musical, a play, or other dramatic production several times a year.  Produced with lighting, sets, and sound, these performances are the highlights of the school year.

Art Exhibitions
Step onto campus and you'll see that we love to feature student artwork, from paintings hung in hallways to murals and other large-scale collaborative works brightening courtyards.  Arts evenings at all levels bring parents in for displays of student work, with a 12th grade exhibition specially highlighting the portfolios of our diploma program students. 

After School Music Instrument and Voice Program
For students who want to enhance their skills with a particular instrument, AISL coordinates after school music lessons.  Paired with local instructors, Kindergarten through Grade 12 students can take individual lessons in piano, guitar, voice, percussion, woodwinds, brass, and other instruments.

Talent Show
An annual talent show provides students of all ages the chance to showcase a variety of talents to the AISL community.  These shows are full-production events held in our large Performing Arts Center complete with sound, lighting, and backstage support.  Crowd-favorite acts such as step dancing and vocal solos are greeted with wild applause and become highlights of the school year.

After School Clubs
Another place for AISL students to express themselves is through after-school activities.  Arts-focused programs such as photography club, dancing, stagecraft, primary ensembles, primary recorder, and musical theatre provide students the chance to try something new in a relaxed, fun, and supportive environment.

Outside of the curricular and extracurricular program, there are still outlets for students to develop skills and share their talents with the larger community.

Student Bands
Musicians at the middle and high school level often start informal bands with friends and classmates.  Meeting after school, they practice pop and rock songs to perform at coffee houses or other school-organized functions.  Students enjoy following their musical passions and choosing their own songs to play, learning about creative collaboration in the process.

Nyimbo Music Fest
Formerly known as Music Camp, the Nyimbo Music Fest is an annual event that is open to the community. It is held at AISL and runs during the first week of August. Our team of instructors comes from near and far! Some come from Lusaka and the international team from Germany, the UK or the USA, depending on the year.

Music Camp is divided into three sections according to the age and skill level of the students. During Music Camp, students are given the opportunity to develop a variety of musical interests. Some of the workshops include ensembles, theory and percussion, choir, dance, song writing. 

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Payments for the music fest can me made using the following methods;

1. Pay in ZMW at American Intl. School of Lusaka
2. Transfer from a US Bank
3. Transfer from Outside of the USA
4. Local Bank Transfer

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