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AISL Communication Guidelines


Home-to-School Communication Guidelines

The research overwhelmingly demonstrates that a strong partnership between school and home is positively related to student achievement. A strong partnership benefits students in other ways, apart from student achievement, that include attitude towards school, self-concept, motivation, time spent on homework, and expectations of one’s future.

Communication is the foundation of an effective partnership. The following set of guidelines is based on the understanding that whenever there is a need to communicate- to ask a question, to raise an issue, to express a concern- the solution is first to be sought at its source. In any situation of concern it is best to go to the person directly involved in order to ensure that you:

  • gain first-hand information;
  • acquire a complete understanding of the situation;
  • communicate important information;
  • achieve a timely response;
  • support the concept of open communication to maintain optimal support for your child’s learning and well-being.

Below are some guidelines that are designed to support sound home-to-school communication.

Method of Contact
The most effective method of contacting a teacher, a counselor, a program coordinator, an office assistant and/or an administrator is through email at:

First initial of first name and last (e.g. Tom Pado’s AISL email address is

You may reach administrators and most program coordinators through the school switchboard at 260 509/10.

AISL Office Staff- Absent, Lateness, Early Dismissal
Parents are expected to notify the school if their child is absent, late to school, or needs to be dismissed early. Parents may contact the school via email or through the AISL switchboard at 260 509/10.

Primary School: Email or call the class teacher. You may also call or email Primary Assistant Laverne Hinze (

Secondary School: Email or call Secondary Assistant Maché Adonis ( or Sonia Old (

Please note that your child will need a gate pass issued by the Primary or Secondary office in order to leave campus during the school day.


Class/Subject Teachers
Parents are encouraged to contact the class / subject teacher directly if they have a question or concern about their child’s experience in a particular class. Listed below are some issues that parents might address with a class / subject teacher(s).


  • subject or class information
  • class supplies and requirements
  • assessment and reporting
  • homework
  • curriculum information
  • project or research requirements
  • student progress and performance
  • teaching or classroom incidents
  • field trips relating to that particular subject and/or grade level
  • communication

Parents may contact their child’s counselor if they feel that their child would benefit from coaching, counseling and/or social and emotional support.


The AISL Counselors are as follows:
ELC-Gr 5: Jenn Caldwell
Grades 6-9: Driekie Smith
Grades 10-12: Julie Baldry

Parents may contact Julie Baldry to acquire information related to careers and university guidance counseling.

Student Services- SEN, EAL, Differentiated Instruction Resource Program
Parents may contact, Donna Chuula, Student Services Coordinator, to acquire information about student services programming, resources, and academic support.

Program Coordination
Parents may contact one of the following coordinators if they have any questions or concerns about educational programming, curriculum, resources, and/or program coordination.

ELC Coordinator (Play School, Pre-School, Pre-Kindergarten): Leslie Jeffery
IB PYP Coordinator (K-Gr 5): Chye de Ryckel
IB MYP Coordinator (Grades 6-10): Kathleen Bowin
IB Diploma Coordinator (Grades 11-12): Becky Oliver
Primary After School Activities Coordinator: Bupe Mulenga
Secondary Athletics/Afterschool Activities Coordinator: Mark Hoffman
Secondary Library: Terry Maguire
Primary Library: Johanna Schooley


Administration- Principals / Assistant Principals
If more information is required or if a situation is not resolved with a teacher, counselor, or program coordinator, parents are encouraged to contact the relevant Principal / Assistant Principal (ELC-Gr. 5: Jeff Williams; Gr. 6-8 Kathleen Bowin; Gr. 9-12: Russ Menard) with the knowledge of the teacher concerned.

In addition to the above, you may wish to consult the Principal directly on matters related to:

  • timetable or rooming issues
  • broad issues involving the school – (e.g. school culture, homework guidelines, etc.)
  • school culture, communication, and information related to the operation of the school
  • school communication
  • discipline
  • curriculum and program coordination
  • reporting on student performance
  • school trips
  • school facility
  • issues related directly to the work of the particular Principal

Administration- Business Manager
If parents have questions related to accounts and finances – school fee issues, payments, refunds etc, they may contact the Business Manager, Ms. Shirley Mee via email or the AISL switchboard.

Administration- Director
If more information is required or the concern remains unresolved, parents may wish to contact the Director, Tom Pado via email or the AISL switchboard, with the knowledge of the Principal or Business Manager.

In addition to the above, parents may wish to consult the Director directly on matters related to:

  • community / school communication and relations
  • security
  • whole-school issues
  • implementation of policy
  • school communications
  • strategic planning
  • financial policy and oversight
  • long-term planning, including development of facilities and the school environment

 AISL Board of Directors
If more information is required or the concern remains unresolved, parents may wish to contact the Board of Directors via email at with the knowledge of the Director.


In addition to the above, parents may wish to consult the Board directly on matters related to:

  • AISL Board Policy
  • Role of the AISL Board of Directors
  • AISL strategic direction and planning- finances, facility, programming


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